Our Service Model
Industry Certifications

We offer the largest selection of safety products approved by the New York City Materials and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA approved products). This makes the Visible Safety™ line of products the ideal choice for developers in the New York area and ensures a quality that will meet or exceed standards around the world.

Customer Service
At Visible Safety we strive to exceed expectations. We will work with you to find the best solutions and we will do it for the best price possible. For information, quotes, ordering and custom solutions contact Visible Safety.
Turn Key Solutions

Our teams will survey buildings and provide several quality selections for high and low traffic conditions. We provide professional installation, log book preparation, completion of affidavits and annual inspections to ensure your building meets municipal compliance

Largest Selection
Check and you will find that Visible Safety™ has the largest collection of photoluminescent safety products offered industry wide. This makes Visible Safety the ‘start to finish’ source when planning your Safety Way Guidance System.
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